All HTML Tags
Tag Description Example
h1 to h6 --
<h1> Your content </h1>
<h2> Your content </h2>
<h6> Your content </h6>
b Defines bold text
<b>Your content</b>
i Defines italic text
<i>Your content</i>
u Defines underline text
<u>Your content</u>
del Defines deleted text
<del>Your content</del>
mark Defines marked/highlighted text
<mark>Your content</mark>
small Defines smaller text
<small>Your content</small>
strong Defines important text
<strong>Your content</strong>
sub Defines subscripted text
<sub>Your content</sub>
sup Defines superscripted text
<sup>Your content</sup>
address Defines contact information
<address>Name : Raju<br>Working at : Neo Cursor</address>
q Defines a short inline quotation
<q>Your content</q>
var Defines a variable.
<var>Einstein wrote: <var>E</var> = <var>m</var><var>c</var><sup>2</sup>.</var>
code Defines a variable.
<code>Your content</code>
pre Defines preformatted text
Ex1:<pre>Your content</pre>
Ex2: <pre> <code> int x = 5; int y = 6; int c=x+y; </code> </pre>
br Defines breaking line
Ex1:Your content <br>
hr Defines Horizontal Line
Ex1:Your content <hr>
p Defines a paragraph.
<p>Your content</p>
img Display image
<img src="html-tags.png" align="left" width="200px" height="200px">
<h1>Your content here</h1>
iframe Display a web page
<iframe src="sample_iframe.htm" width="200" style="border:none" height="200"></iframe>
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a Defines a hyperlink
<a href="url">link text</a>
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div Defines a section in a document (block-level)
<div>Your Content</div>
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span Defines a section in a document (inline)
<span>Your Content</span>
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table To display data in table format.
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ul Defines an unordered list
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ol Defines an ordered list
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